Identity Express

Accelerate Your IAM Journey with ProNoesis' Identity Express

ProNoesis' Identity Express is an all-in-one solution accelerator suite that empowers organizations to implement IAM solutions with speed and efficiency. The solution is organized into three focused phases - Define, Deliver, and Defend - each with a unique set of innovative accelerators designed to guide organizations through their IAM journey with ease. Identity Express is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the implementation process, delivering faster time-to-value and a higher return on investment for organizations looking to optimize their IAM capabilities.


I AM Assessment

Strategy Workshop

Data Mapping



Quick Start Implementation

Integration and App onboarding Framework

Customization Toolkit


Compliance Monitoring

Continuous Improvement Program

The Define phase is focused on understanding the organization's identity and access management (IAM) requirements and developing a strategy for implementing IAM Solution. Identity Express accelerators in this phase include:



The Deliver phase is focused on implementing IGA product and integrating it with the organization's existing systems and processes. Identity Express accelerators in this phase include:

The Defend phase is focused on maintaining and optimizing the IAM implementation, ensuring ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Identity Express accelerators in this phase include:

Overall, Identity Express provides organizations with a comprehensive suite of solution accelerators to help them implement IAM products quickly and efficiently, reducing time to value and accelerating return on investment.

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