Our Services

ProNoesis offer various services, from assessment and strategy, to pilots across business units and enterprise-wide implementation of Identity & Access Management solutions and managed Identity services.

Define - Advisory and Consulting Services

We can help you turn your vision of an Identity and Access Management program into a reality.

Our extensive experience with a variety of IAM technologies and proven approach is designed to deliver a pragmatic strategy & roadmap to implement a secure identity environment.

Our Define services includes;

  • Planning

    Confirm scope and coverage of Identity goals and vision

  • Current State Analysis

    Gain an understanding of the current state, including business challenges, business processes, and existing infrastructure

  • Future State Analysis

    Identify required Identity services for the short, medium, and long term; discuss business process and technology options to deliver on these Identity needs

  • Gap Analysis and Maturity Assessment

    Perform gap analysis of the Identity environment from current state to target state; define maturity model for Identity and explore Identify technology tool options

  • Strategy and Roadmap

    Create an Identity strategy that outlines Identity initiatives with timelines, priority, and costs considered; prepare Identity program business case

Deliver - Implementation and Integration Services

Our proven delivery methodology leverages best practices and DevOps to accelerate the implementation process and minimize integration overhead.


Traditional IAM implementation are too complex, needs manual intervention, lead to increased risk and fail to adapt organization changes. Our methodology is to build strong IAM framework compromised of standards, templates and process that applications will follow to onboard using integration patterns.

Our Deliver services includes:

  • Planning

    Establish Project Management and Governance

  • Requirements

    Collect and validate Identity requirements and document desired end-result

  • Design

    Hold workshops and document the solution architecture and design, including functional and non-functional components

  • Build

    Develop code and perform configuration according to design specifications

  • Test

    Perform system integration testing to verify functional correctness, performance testing to verify non-functional expectations and support client user acceptance testing

  • Deploy

    Assess production readiness, deploy solution to production and validate

  • Transition

    Conduct knowledge transfer sessions to support them

Defend - Managed Services

Our IAM Managed Services team, not only ensures performance and availability of IAM systems but also keep system updated, securely managed and monitor round the clock IAM processes to protect identities.


We provide continues improvement and automation adding visibility by reducing risk and cost.

Our Defend services includes :

  • L1, L2, and L3 advanced support and engineering

  • L1, L2, and L3 advanced support and engineering

  • Monitoring and routine health checks

  • Application onboarding

  • Service level management

  • Availability and capacity reporting

  • Continuous improvement and Innovation roadmap

  • Infrastructure provisioning

  • Software technology license/maintenance

  • Demand and portfolio management

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