Identity Lifecycle Management

Identity lifecycle management

Identity lifecycle management is the foundation for managing organization identities and essential step in securing organization. ProNoesis aims to automate and manage digital identity lifecycle processes such as Joiner, Mover, and Leaver to all business systems, applications and extend enterprise gaining improved productivity and compliance.

Based on experience, ProNoesis has built framework of best practices, methodology and standard project templates

Access Request and Approval Workflow

Self-Service Access Request solution simplifies access request with shopping cart like experience to corporate resources with multi-step Approval Workflow process through which end users can request access to corporate applications.


Identity and Account Lifecycle Management

Automate and streamline the process of digital identity creation and ensure that user accounts are managed from cradle to grave with centralized identity management system. Account Lifecycle Management with automated provisioning and deprovisioning saves time, cost and strengthen security posture.


Account Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the process of synchronizing the accounts, adjust access permissions, clean up accounts, and revoke access quickly and easily. With periodic reconciliation of identity lifecycle changes, Identity data will be consistent and up-to- date instantly to changes in HR systems, Active Directory, Data sources and managed IT systems.


Fine-grained Entitlement Management

Fine-grained entitlement management solution enables object level security by combining centralized policy management with distributed policy decision-making and enforcement. Enterprise can accelerate authorization process using dynamic, conditional based or Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC).


Delegated Administration

Delegated Administration provides the limited administration authority to perform supervisory duties for another. Example: Organization can delegate the ability to approve and deny access to certain individuals; ability to assign administrative privileges to a user, or subset of users, permitting performance of actions on a specific object or group objects.


Centralized Account Administration

Centralized Account Administration allows control and visibility regarding management of user account and access to application, Infrastructure, and network across the organization. Helps to provision access to the right people and terminate access across all resources when an employee or contractor leaves.


Account Provisioning Automation

With the automated OOTB and customer provisioning connector, ProNoesis will help to relieve the burden and risk of manual provisioning and increases the efficiency of managing access to resources as users join, change roles, or leave an organization.


Basic Identity & Password Administration

Basic identity & Password Administration provides a simple, secure, self-service solution that facilitates management of digital identities, real-time password synchronization across systems, enable end users to change their passwords, reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts.


Identity Proofing

Identity proofing is the process of verifying a user's identity confirming who they say they are. Identity proofing comes into play before users get their credentials to access an application and are based on user history and risk transactions.


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